One year after the football club founded on Flesher’s Haugh in 1872 went into liquidation, there is a football club recently promoted into the third tier of Scottish football claiming to be that dead club.

The real villain of the piece is the Scottish Football Association, which sits at the centre of a web of deception aimed at appeasing the fans of the dead club and promoting the new club by allowing a club formed in 2012 to claim they are, “the most successful club in Scottish football.”

As fans of all Scottish football club, including many decent and honourable fans of Rangers, we are up against it in trying to stop the deception.

All we can really hope for from the football governing bodies, is that UEFA will not credit the new Rangers with the old Rangers’ coefficient points if and when they eventually qualify for UEFA competition.

We have the cowardly and corrupt Scottish Football Association (who haven’t said Sevco the new Rangers are old Rangers, but have refused to say otherwise), the Scottish Football League (who credit Rangers with trophies won before they were formed) and the Scottish MSM against us.

All we have, or should have, is numbers.

Together, we can stop the deception, if only enough of us band together to do so.

Together we can make enough noise in Scotland that we cannot be ignored by the SFA or the MSM.

Together we can present the case rationally and logically for Sevco being acknowledged publicly and unequivocally as a new club.

Let’s not wait on UEFA, who will be guided by (at risk of sounding like David Leggat here) the cowardly and corrupt SFA.

Only together can we stop the deception.

Say No To Same Club!


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14 responses to “SayNoToSameClub

  1. David

    A job, or a girlfriend perhaps might help to fill the void you’re currently filling with a deep hatred of Rangers Football Club.

    I pity you, I do.

  2. The Warchest

    Yassssssss!!! The uprising is on the cards

    Cmon decent fitba folk, lets get this same club myth put to bed

  3. The Warchest

    Get back onto ASA, UEFA, COURTS, SOLICITORS, BUTCHERS, BAKERS….anybody that will listen and tell them the UPRISING is coming and our day will come!!!

    The newco must be declared a newco!!!


  4. Hugh

    No to same club.
    No to evading your responsibilities.
    No to petty dishonesty.
    No to letting the spivs exploit the zealots.
    No to those who cannot read the writing on the wall.
    No to intellectual and moral delinquency.
    Yes to reincarnation.
    Yes. And beware karma if you defy dharma.
    You will only go round the cycle again.

    How can we heal the wounds?

  5. Tony B

    Emphatically NO!

  6. It’s about time all of the non Sevco fans in Scotland unite once again & raise a massive petition to be sent to relevant authorities expressing our collective outrage at the way this tribute act is being portrayed as the same club……if no one in Scotland ie SFA/SPL or SMSM are willing to do so then it is up to us….The FANS to right this wrong….no more unashamed gloating & boasting & it was the holding company that folded pish…..time to put this nonsense to bed once & for all or else they will have rewritten history & changed insolvency laws & football association rules & regs….LETS ACT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE…..SCOTTISH FANS UNITE….NOW!!!!

  7. When administration was announced fans of Rangers were worried,and rightly so,about the future of their club.A variety of businessmen from around the globe showed an interest in investing.All it seemed would be well.These were astute,successful and well respected in their fields.They would come in and do what their records suggested they do best,turn around an ailing company that was losing money and make it profitable.

    During their due diligence these gentlemen discovered just how deep the financial problems were at the company.Realising the sums involved to turn things around they quickly dropped their interest.This was not the outcome the fans had expected.Liquidation now became a very serious possibility.The outcome of a liquidation event meant that Rangers would cease to exist.Like third lanark,Airdrie and Gretna they would be remembered historically but would in effect be dead.

    The fans rallied.There was a ‘no to liquidation’ protest at a game.The media reported the seriousness of this.The phone in sport radio shows mirrored the facts,if liquidated then the club would be no more.The latest saviour of the company,Charles Green,declared that if a CVA was rejected the club’s historical timeline would be broken.During this period prominent Rangers bloggers claimed administration would never happen.They then claimed liquidation would never happen.They were wrong.So why do so many fans still listen to their same club nonsense?

    Rangers heroes from Richard Gough to Walter Smith declared this was a new club.Dejected shareholders,questioned while leaving the liquidation meeting,declared the club had died.The historical timeline was broken.Every newspaper in the country splashed the same headline.Rangers were dead.They would be replaced with a new club,this was known as ‘newco’.When league fixtures were being drawn up they would be referred to as ‘club 9’. They could not play in pre season games as they had no licence.They had no membership of the SFA.They had no company or VAT registration number.This was a new club.

    Charles Green then purchased the assets and goodwill of Rangers FC (IL).
    Nowhere on the asset purchase sale documentation does it say he bought a football club.Because he did not.He bought the assets of a COMPANY.The club had been incorporated into the COMPANY over 100 years before.They shared the same COMPANY number and VAT registration number.Every bill generated by the football club,transport transfers etc,were paid by the COMPANY. PAYE and VAT payments pertaining to the football club were paid by the COMPANY.They were one in the same.

    Many people have claimed UEFA have said they were the same club,honours and timeline intact.I have yet to see any proof of this.Many people cite the ECA,claiming they are the same club.Nonsense.The ECA,a toothless organisation barely acknowledged by UEFA,asked the SFA for clarification.Someone,we still dont know who,assured them the club was the same.But there has been no word on the subject from the SFA.Might this be because the person who ‘assured’the ECA might have to be sacked?

    Make no mistake,this is an orchestrated campaign to fool some of he people all of the time. The SFA have dug themselves in so deep they have to remain quiet,if not they will be seen to be hopelessly conflicted.
    The media,desperate to sell newspapers and attract viewers and listeners are going along with it.The league that The rangers play in are also involved, In their fixture list The Rangers are listed as Rangers.
    clearly they are now called The Rangers.So to conclude:
    If this is the same club why the need to apply for a new membership to the SFA? Why the need to apply for a new licence to play? Why are they currently exempted from Europe for three years? Why have they changed their name?

  8. AD Bryce (Bryce9a)

    In a Rangers fan, am happy to admit we are a new club with a clean fresh slate, and want to correct other Bears of their delusion.

    How can i help?

  9. Chomp

    Let’s push this with all the fans like we did with the No Vote.

  10. Big jock

    When the Penn State scandal recently hit the headlines in the USA, it disgusted sports fans all over the world.

    It goes without saying that the crimes themselves were disgusting, but what perhaps caused the most revulsion stateside was the fact that officials of the Penn State team were complicit in a cover up for over ten years, thereby allowing the abuser opportunity to sexually abuse more victims. By their inaction, they allowed Sandisky undeserved freedom, and subjected more children to an eternity of the most disgusting sordid memories. Those who covered the crimes up are therefor indirectly complicit in children being abused.

    The scandal is well documented here:

    The action of the NCAA was decisive.

    For the time period Penn State covered up the scandal they were stripped of every win.

    They therefor lost 10 titles and were fined $60M.

    It’s no more a punishment than they deserved.

    When Celtic FC had their own abuse scandal it was also covered up. Transcripts from newspaper reports:

    What punishment did Celtic get?

    The SFA, having now been shown
    how been shown how to morally manage their sport with integrity, have to take action and strip Celtic of every game won while covering for a child abuser.

    Sadly, in Scotland, the cover up is perpetuated to this day by Celtic supporters, who try to silence anyone who raises the issue with a host of ready made insults, threats and lies.

    “It’s cheap and distasteful point scoring”

    No it’s not. Your attempts to get silence on the subject are distasteful, and sick.

    “The victims shouldn’t have to relive this again”

    What you mean is you shouldn’t be reminded of the sordid history if your club again. The victims deserve true justice and closure.

    Don’t pretend you are thinking of the victims. It’s an insult to them for you to do this.

    Only dealing with the remaining issues will do this.

    Transcripts below:


    Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 11/13/1998

    FOR MORE than 30 years the shadow of sexual abuse has hung over Celtic Football Club.

    From the boardroom to the dressing room, it was murmured that Celtic Boys’ Club boss Jim Torbett was molesting young stars.
    To a man, the Celtic board did nothing to expose the pervert and the dreadful scandal.

    Only when Fergus McCann took over as chief executive and started his own investigation was the secrecy broken.
    If ever a story had been hushed up it was this one.

    The shameful silence only helped the man who preyed on the teenage hopefuls, knowing they would be too afraid to reveal the truth……..

    It was a call to Celtic Park by one of them (the victims) that led McCann to conduct his own investigation.

    He was the only Celtic boss ever to take positive action on the matter……… Our special phone line was jammed with calls backing up the claims of Brazil, McCluskey and Gordon. Some of the calls were harrowing – men now in their 30s sobbed as they spoke for the first time of the abuse……… Record team Anna Smith, Iain Ferguson and Charles Beaton were given a Reporter of the Year Award for uncovering the scandal……… Torbett only met justice because a handful of courageous men came forward. John McCluskey said: “He ruined my life. And for every victim who came forward there are five more who still can’t bear to tell their secret.”

    Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 11/13/1998

    HUGH Birt’s 25-year crusade has been to unmask perverts like Jim Torbett.

    Today, 12 years after he quit as chairman of Celtic Boys’ Club over the sex abuse cover- up, Hugh is still angry. He is convinced that there are dozens of other Torbett victims suffering in silence. At his home in Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow, Hugh, 65, spoke of Torbett’s “frightening” power over the youngsters.
    He said: “He could make dreams come true – or destroy them………

    ……..Hugh was made chairman of Celtic Boys’ Club after Celtic FC manager Jock Stein kicked out Torbett amid complaints of abuse.
    He said: “Jock said to me to keep its name clean.” ……….

    ………As more parents complained to Hugh about sex abuse, he informed Celtic vice- chairman Kevin Kelly, on advice from Jock Stein.
    He said Kelly, who had just been given a plum job at Torbett’s Trophy Centre, promised to investigate and the claims were reported to the Boys’ Club committee.

    But minutes from that meeting have vanished. Hugh claims he finally quit after a row with Kelly over the abuse claims.


    JOCK Stein, the late manager of Celtic and Scotland, and his board covered up allegations that the founder of Celtic Boys’ Club sexually abused young players, a court heard yesterday.

    Giving evidence at the trial of James Torbett, Hugh Birt, a former chairman of the boys’ club, said that Stein had kicked the defendant out when rumours began to circulate.

    Mr Birt said: “Stein literally put his foot up his backside.”

    Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that Mr Birt took over as chairman of the boys’ club in 1973 and was told by Stein, who steered Celtic to European Cup victory in 1967, that Celtic’s image must be maintained.

    The cover-up emerged during the evidence of Mr Hugh Birt, 61, the club’s photographer who resigned as president of the Boys’ Club in 1986. Mr Birt claimed that, after he became president in 1974, Celtic legend Jock Stein told him he had kicked Torbett out the door. He said the matter was all ”covered up” by Celtic as to why Torbett was put out.

    Mr Birt said that when Torbett returned to the boys club a few years later as a fund raiser the allegations about him started up again. He claimed he took them to Mr Stein, and told Celtic vice chairman Kevin Kelly about them but nothing was ever done. Mr Birt said when he became president of the Celtic Boys’ Club in 1974 the first thing Mr Stein said to him was to ”keep the image of Celtic clean”.


    Jock Stein covered up sex claims to protect his Celtic; Trial told of order from manager.

    Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 11/7/1998; McILWRAITH, GORDON

    JOCK Stein and the Celtic board covered up allegations made against Boys’ Club founder Jim Torbett……. Torbett, who is now accused of abusing three boys while he was at the club, was literally kicked out of Parkhead by Stein, a court heard. But when the claims subsequently surfaced, Celtic manager Stein and the directors were anxious to keep the image of the club clean and nothing more was done about them…….

    He said he was asked to be chairman when Torbett was “put out” of the Boys’ Club. Asked who got rid of him, Mr Birt said: “According to Mr Stein, he literally put his foot up his backside and kicked him out. It was all covered up by Celtic as to why.”……..

    He (Birt) told how he took the allegations against Torbett to the Celtic board and Stein and even told the then vice-chairman, Kevin Kelly, about them at a meeting in his car. He said: “Although there were people who spoke to me I couldn’t go to the police without actual proof of the allegations. When I joined as chairman, I was told by Jock Stein to keep the name of Celtic Football Club clean at all times.”


    Pervert preyed on Celtic Boys

    Daily Record 12/08/1996

    Anna Smith Charles Beaton and Iain Ferguson

    Pervert football boss Jim Torbett terrorised a generation of young Celtic players. The trusted team chief lured innocent lads with promises of the big time. Then the Celtic Boys’ Club supremo molested the babes who idolised him…….

    ……..Sex abuse allegations have haunted Celtic Boys’ Club for almost a quarter of a century. A Record investigation has revealed Celtic’s board knew about the rumours 20 years ago.


    Wall of silence was his licence to abuse

    Daily Record 12/08/1996

    The finger of suspicion was pointed at Torbett as long ago as the early 1970s. There were whispers that he molested 13 and 14-year-old players in his care. But the victims were too ashamed to admit they had been violated by someone they believed in, so they suffered in silence.

    The Celtic board were aware of the rumours about Torbett, who was general manager of the boys’ club.
    But only one man took him on. Jock Stein, who saw the youngsters as the lifeblood of the club, gave him his marching orders……..

    ……….But, when Birt raised the matter 10 years ago, he was forced to resign.
    He said at the time: “It appears the Celtic board want to look in the other direction in the hope the trouble will go away.”………….

    …………….Birt raised the claims with then Celtic vice-chairman Kevin Kelly, who passed the issue to manager David Hay.

    But later Kelly, along with Torbett and boys’ club general manager Frank Cairney, asked Birt to resign. When he refused, Celtic withdrew his ticket to the directors’ box and he had no option but to get out. Torbett later invited Kelly to become a director of the Trophy Centre

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