Time To Get Organised

SayNoToSameClub is committed to forcing the Scottish Football Association to confront the truth of the liquidation of Rangers Football Club (1872) and end the deception that the current Rangers FC is a club founded in the Victorian era.

The problem we have is that so far, the SFA has shown an unwillingness to engage with the fans in relation to the new club playing out of Ibrox. Short of UEFA intervention, which I believe is unlikely to come, only sheer weight of numbers can force the SFA’s hand.

This site will continue to hammer home the point that Rangers is a new club but the time is now upon us to carry this fight to the SFA in deed as well as word.

To that end, SayNoToSameClub is opening a membership book, with a view to properly organising a campaign.

If you would like to join SayNoToSameClub, send an email to saynotosameclub@yahoo.com.

Initially, we’re asking only for people who follow the twitter account (not you Bryce!) whose account has been active for at least one month, or who can be vouched for by same. Please include your twitter username in the email, as well as your name and location (full address not necessary at this time).

We will then follow and DM you to confirm your membership.

Contrary to rumour amongst our Sevco-supporting contributors, we are fitting this around a full-time jobs, so it may take a day or two before you receive a DM asking you to confirm your membership.

If enough of you indicate a willingness and a committment to get involved, we can then move towards a meeting to elect a committee and draw up a Constitution setting out our aims.

If we can get to that stage, we can begin to plan the necessary steps to bring pressure to bear on the Scottish Football Association.

The SFA can ignore us all individually, they’ll find it far more difficult to ignore a large, organised, committed group of Scottish football fans who will not accept a 12 month old club bragging about their 140 year history.

Too much damage has been done to Scottish football by the old Rangers-SFA alliance to allow that to happen.

We’ve all done our talking on the internet, on blogs, twitter, newspaper comments pages etc.

We can continue to do that.

But there comes a time when talking is not enough, and action is required.

If we are not prepared to do something constructive now, there will come a time when the liquidation of Rangers FC will be remembered as nothing more than a minor bump in their history rather than what is was – its end.

Don’t let that happen through apathy!


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16 responses to “Time To Get Organised

  1. AD Bryce (Bryce9a)

    No decisions have been made over the status of Rangers FC since the 5 way agreement, last Summer. Serious question – where have you been for 12 months?!

    Has it taken you this long to figure out what’s going on?

  2. Sam

    Iv tried emailing the address and its saying the address is invalid?? I’m want to stand up to these sfa bigwigs!! Ther a new club, we know wot liquidation means!!!

  3. Sfa are corrupt must be not to have dealt with this issue by their self’s
    already HH

  4. The email is not working

  5. John

    In Melbourne so not sure I could make the meeting 🙂 Right idea though

  6. Auldheid

    OT a bit bit check misleading article by Ewan Grahame in the Scotsman re reason for 3 year exile from Europe.

    A tip for anyone perusing UEFA FFP rules on a pdf file. Use Find box to enter the word “three”.

    There are a few hits but at no point is the word “three” followed by “accounts” the term 3 years gets no hits ergo three years accounts is not the reason for the exile.

    Article 12 is and the term is three years membership of the national association.

    Ewan has a twitter account.
    Talk about poor journalism.

    • Jim smith

      Here we go again Kerryfail st accountant/financial ombudsma/tax expert/lawyer looks at something and gives his/her interpretation of an obscure ruling that no other sane Football fan in Europe would even waste their time looking up bar fans of one club and presents this as proof.

      You tax experts certainly got the result of the BTC spot on didn’t you????

      Must be so hard being a wee Sellik fan, even now with Rangers 2 divsions below you and a few tainted titles to celebrate all you can think of is Rangers fc.

      Embarrssing that your forums are have threads on Rangers that have a post count of 10 times more than any other threads.

      Come on just admit it timmy, you secretly yern for the days when Rangers are top of Scottish football again as it gives you the chance to play the vicTIM card.

  7. Jim smith

    My god you are hurting bit time, it’s almost comical reading your guff.

    Really don’t think you pay much attention to anything happening in Scottish football bar Rangers do you?

    The Airdrie utd situation more or less blows your watse of time site out of the water, the SFA have given the club premission for them to become Airdrieonians again and take back the original club bagde and most likely the history of Airdrieonians as well. Why have they done this?, cause now they have clear legal rulings on Football clubs in this situation from a law lord and 2 Queens council.

    The SFA can’t come out and say Rangers are a new club no matter how much you stamp your feet and go into a tantrum cause it’s not true. Hibs and Hearts have both been liqidated in the past and both are still the same clubs, heck Hearts might end up being liquidated for a 2nd time and the SFA will still acknowledge them as the same club.

    FYI every trophy Rangers have ever won is still safely tucked away in the Ibrox trophy room and any trophies won past this point will go in the same place. And unlike another club in Glasgow we still have the same name and club badge as the day the club was founded we’ve also not had 6 different holding companies over the last 25 years either unlike some others (wonder who).

    Same trophy room
    Same name
    Same stadium
    Same badge
    Same fans

    Infact same everything bar the league we play in, we even have the same creepy stalker fans foaming at the mouth about us as well.

    Maybe you should spend more time trying to support your own team maybe that way they would not have to shut down half the stadium next season cause they can’t sell tickets for games.

    Just a thought!!!!

    • Hurting much Jim?

      Ripping right out of you.

      Your Club died on YOUR watch and the shame is eating you apart.

      No amount of lies and delusions will change what happened.

      We will never let you forget you are zombies.

  8. Daniel O'Connell

    Hibs have never been liquidated.

    In the 1890’s, before they incorporated, Hibernians were inactive for a season, but they are the same club.

    Airdrie Utd can call themselves Airdrieonians, but they still won’t be the club that went bust.

    They are still Clydebank renamed.

    Btw, if this site is such a waste of time, why are you here arguing about it?

  9. stephen liquid8 kelly

    seeeeeeeeeeevco how much u winch use are the same club use are not 1872-2012 end of as watty mr gough speirs green goram etc etc etc etc etc said just a thought

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